About David John Tovey 

David Tovey is a formerly homeless artist, educator and activist who works in a range of media. He is a photographer, painter as well as an installation artist and performance-maker. At the heart of David's practice is a very special quality - the ability to bring you to the subject in ways both beautiful and hard-hitting in equal measure in order to raise awareness about the social issues he tackles. David has exhibited internationally in locations such as Somerset House, Tate Modern and he is also the founder of the UK’s first One Festival of Homeless arts. He speaks regularly at housing and homelessness events and teaches art to people experiencing homelessness at the Pilion Trust and Passage Day Centre. His Man on Bench performances have earned him significant acclaim and have taken place on the pavement of the Southbank and the halls of Tate Exchange. 


London Metropolitan University/The John Cass

BA Hons Fine Art/Photography · London, United Kingdom 

BA Art, Media, Design Extended Degree in Film and Broadcast Production 


David is the founder of The One Festival of Homeless Arts in London

He is on the judging panel for the INSP awards


'A Soldiers Story' Installation at 'The State of the Nation' Tate Exchange, Tate Modern London 
April 8th-9th 2017

'Man on Bench' Performance at The State of the Nation' Tate Exchange, Tate Modern London
April 9th 2017

'Shelter Stories' The Crypt, Trafalgur Square London + Nationwide HQ Swindon December 2017  

'ATSA Festival', Montréal Canada 12-20th November 2017

'The One Festival of Homeless Arts' @Ringcross Community Centre Islington October 2017

'Hampstead School of Art'/CafeArt Exhibition September-October 2017

'FEANTSA' (European Federation of National Organisations Working with the Homeless) 2017 Policy Conference in Gdansk, Poland May 2017

'My Solitude' Solo Photographic and Charcoal exhibition at The Diorama Arts Centre, London March 2017 - April 2017

'Hidden Art Exhibition' at The Depot on Thursday 4th May 2017, Hackney, London

'This is Where I Live 2017' Cafeart International exhibition, Mumbai March 2017

'My London' Cafeart Photographic exhibition at Somerset House London February 2017 - 2018

'The One Festival of Homeless Arts' Diorama Arts Centre, London August 2016- October 2016

'Pulling the Positive from the Negative' Solo Photographic Exhibition, Charring Cross Station London 12-18th April 2016

'Man on Bench' Performance Exhibition at Camden Town Hall London March 2016

'Cafeart Calendar' Exhibition at Spitalfields Market London October 2015

'Man on Bench' Performance at Southbank,River Thames London September 2015

'This is where I lIve' Cafeart International Exhibition Foyer Gallery @ Gasworks Park Melbourne Australia Summer 2015

'Hampstead School off Art'/CafeArt Exhibition January 2015

'Cafeart Calendar' Exhibition at Spitalfields Market London October 2014

'This is where I Live' Cafeart International exhibition Café Grumpy 224 West 20th Street New York Summer 2014